FoReDoclet 1.1 Dependencies

Operating System

Although written in Java, this version of FoReDoclet is released for the Windows family of operating systems only. Later versions will run on other operating systems as well (primarily on the ones which are supported by Oracle). The current Windows release runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP operating systems.

Java Runtime Environment

As most of the Java based software, FoReDoclet requires a Java Runtime Environment in order to run (version 1.3 or later). This software is freely downloadable from JavaSoft's website and has to be installed prior to FoReDoclet's installation.

Oracle Forms

Since FoReDoclet uses public libraries of Oracle Forms in order to analyze binary sources, Forms has to be installed on the machine which runs the documentation generator. The current version of FoReDoclet requires Oracle Forms 9.0 or later (part of the Oracle 9iDS development package). This doesn't mean however, that only development units created with Forms 9 can be documented with the system since Forms 9 reads sources of earlier versions (Forms 6i sources can be documented as well for example).

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